Kitchen Essentials Homesteading or Not

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In the climb to become more self-reliant and self-sufficient you’ll find that the items in your kitchen ‘that you need’ are more than what the average homeowner has on hand, and uses.

Sure, a microwave is nice. It’s a good place to keep a loaf of bread and let’s face it, it heats up a can of soup nice and quick. There are kitchen tools, electric and non-electric that a good homesteader should have at their disposal.

You need a quality stand mixer. ‘Back in the day’ I burned up more than one handheld mixer attempting to mix up something thick. The last culprit was those ‘famous’ Neiman Marcus cookies. They were good but burned up the last hand-held mixer I ever owned.

I acquired a ‘ruby red’ Kitchenaid stand mixer WITH the dough hook as well as the normal pieces. If you bake bread, and every homesteader should know how to bake bread from scratch, you’ll find that a heavy duty mixer with a dough hook will save you time and muscle aches. These stand mixers even have accessories such as pasta makers, meat grinders, etc. making it a good workhorse for your homestead.

And don’t forget the bread pans to bake the bread in! Of course, you can use a cast iron skillet, your meatloaf pan, but specialty pans mean you can bake French breads, hot cross buns and more.

freshly baked bread
freshly baked bread

You have to have good, high quality kitchen knives. I received a set when I married (a long time ago) and used those exclusively for years. Then one day I was sent a knife in the mail as a thank you. It was a Kyocera and is still my favorite kitchen knife. I talked about my favorite knife here a whole three years ago.

And cookware. Your pretty little pans are nice but are they built to last, sometimes more than one lifetime? You need a least a couple of cast iron skillets. Nothing’s finer than cornbread cooked in a cast iron skillet. And you can’t beat cast iron for frying. Cast iron will also hold up to cooking over a campfire or on a grill. Will your fancy pan?

cast iron cooking
cast iron cooking

If you’re really serious about being more self-reliant or just to have a more prepared household you’ll find that you’ll need a wheat mill, a manual grinder for backup. Of course that means you need to store whole grains of wheat or wheat berries.

If you’re growing vegetables in a garden or fruit in an orchard you’ll want to invest in a water bath canner as well as a pressure canner. And jars. Lots of jars.

What else is nice? A deep freeze provided you have power. A dehydrator. Maybe a sun oven, a water purifier, and what’s on many people’s ‘dream’ list, a freeze-dryer.