Pantry Organization

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Look in your pantry. What do you see? Do you just stick the groceries in there willy nilly when you bring them home? Or do you take the time to place them properly in an organized fashion? Can you see what you have easily?

I know I have some….

Have you ever stood in your pantry, in the middle of a recipe, and said to yourself, I know I have some… but where is it? Do opened boxes of cereal, crackers and pasta tumble? Are your green beans mixed up with your canned corn? By the time you’ve moved stuff all around looking for what you need, you’ve created an even bigger mess!

Sometimes there are things in the pantry that don’t even belong in there! And of course there are ‘one of’s’ that end up in there as well.

A well-stocked and usedful pantry is well organized. Everything in it should be easy to see and get to.

FOUR Tips for Organizing your Food Pantry

1 – Start Fresh by CLEANING out the pantry – Take everything, and I mean everything out of the pantry. Pull it all out, sort it into piles. Check expiration dates. Check for sealed packages.

2 – BUY Storage Containers – I prefer glass storage containers for goods such as oats and pasta. The reasoning behind this is ‘IF’ you were to get mice in the pantry they wouldn’t be able to chew through the glass containers. They can chew through plastic. Old gallon glass pickle jars are great for flour and sugar.

3 – Labeling – You poured something into a quart mason jar and stuck it in the pantry. That was good, but ‘what’ is it? Not everyone will recognize it as Malt O-meal or Cream of Wheat. Items that could be mistaken should be labeled.

4 – Organization – Each type of item should have a designated location within the pantry. All your dried beans should be together. All your canned goods should be together (separated by kind) green beans, corn, and other canned goods in their own spot with the newest in the back. Create a baking center (or shelf) where you keep flour, sugar, cupcake liners… Create a shelf or tub for kid snacks so that they don’t sneak the chocolate chips out of the baking area!

canned corn
canned corn

If you already buy snacks (etc) in single serving containers consider placing a box, tub or basket inside the pantry where you place the single serve items. I like to keep a small wire basket for granola bars, pudding cups, Pop-Tarts, and a larger wire basket on the floor for individual bags of chips. Keeps my ‘farmhouse’ decor and the wire sides enables you to see at a glance what you’re low on so you don’t have to open all the individual boxes to check when making your grocery list.

You don’t have to create a pantry that’s overly OCD! My own pantry is organized but not alphabetized. 🙂

An organized pantry serves many purposes for you and your family.
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