Pet Emergency Kits

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You’re the smart one.

You know it’s smart to have an emergency kit for your family. You want to be able to treat as much as possible yourselves and you’ve planned and prepared accordingly. But what about the animals? Do you have cats to rid your barn of rodents? A watchdog? A loving protector? Those animals are a part of your family and being able to help them medically is responsible.

dogs in muddy water
dogs in muddy water

Your pet emergency kit will contain similar basic items as your family’s. You’ll want at minimum first aid items and vet records. Vet records are important in case you end up in a facility that only accepts pets with shot records.

Pre-made pet first aid kids typically contain gauze and adhesive, antiseptic, rectal thermometer, scissors/tweezers, benadryl (or generic), ear solution, eye solution and ointment. I’ve found that you ALWAYS need more gauze, and I love those wrap bandages that stick to themselves.

Consider stashing away a towel or pillowcase to confine, a pet carrier, and perhaps a muzzle. Ever tried to take stitches out of a cat? … … …

For easy access keep your pet medical emergency kit in the same location as yours.