Pet Preparedness

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You’ve prepped your home and family for disasters dependent upon your part of the country and what peril might befall you. But have you really thought about your pets?

Never abandon your animals.

Do you have a method to transport those animals? If you have horses you need a horse trailer and a vehicle capable of pulling it. If you have a small dog or a cat you need a pet carrier. If your dog is bigger you can consider letting that animal walk/ride along with you.

There are even pet backpacks for dogs which let them help. They can carry their own dry or dehydrated food as well as act as a lookout and protector of your family.

When you thought about water storage for your family did you factor in water for the animals?

Animals drink more water than you’d think and the bigger the animal the more water they need. Have you stored enough pet food? Dry food does have an expiration date but you can repackage dry dog food into 5 gallon buckets with oxygen absorbers to lengthen their life.

Canned pet food can last a really long time in cool dry conditions. Pick up some extra next time you’re at the store.

family dogs

Does your little buddy require medication? Do you have extra flea/tick medications? Some dogs like their blankies and their toys. Do you have one put back in their bug out bag? City-folks will want to pack some ‘doggy bags’ for potty time. Country folks know that dogs go in the woods…

If you’re bugging out with your pets and feel like there’s even a possibility that you’ll end up in a shelter then be sure to bring along your pet’s vaccination records (or make copies now and put into your dog’s harness or backpack.) Got a big dog that doesn’t like strangers? You should consider a muzzle and a strong leash.


Your pets are a part of your family and deserve a place in a preparedness scenario.