10 Basic Preparedness Hygiene Supplies

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I’m sure that at least one person in your immediate family has gone days without bathing. (I see you making a face but we all know it sometimes happens.) Sometimes it’s because they were ill, or down in the dumps, or perhaps they were on a camping trip. However, when a disaster strikes, such as a flood, earthquake or tornado you might find that taking care of your own (and your family’s) personal hygiene could become a problem. This post contains affiliate links.

Getting out, getting to a store, finding an open store, or a store that’s still stocked could be a problem. That in itself is a good reason to stock up on personal needs. How would you fare if you only had a couple rolls of toilet paper, a remnant of a bar of soap and two squirts of Dawn?


Having supplies on hand is more than just dried beans…. You also want to prepare for basic comforts (and toilet paper is a comfort!)

1. Toothbrushes – Your dentist gives you a new one every six months, but you can buy extras to keep on hand. I buy them by the 12-pack. One for each close relative and a couple for potential guests. .
2. Mouthwash – Good for bad breath and useful for fungal infections and as a topical astringent
3. Toothpaste – one big tube for adults and one for the kids OR in a pinch you can store baking soda.
4. Toilet paper – enough to last your family two months
5. Bars of soap – Store some and vow to learn how to make it yourself.
6. Wet wipes – So versatile.
7. 1 bottle of shampoo – You won’t be washing your hair daily so this amount should last.
8. Sanitary pads – Useful for women with a menstrual cycle and can be used for large wounds.
9. Towels and washcloths – There will be messes. There will be wet times. Buy in bulk or at the very least always have at least half of your home’s bath towels clean.
10. Portable toilet If there’s no water to flush or the water table is too high to flush you can utilize a simple bucket as a portable toilet.

Of course these things just touch the surface of supplies that you’d need in the personal hygiene realm. Each of our needs will be different. Use your own best judgement in putting aside items your family needs and uses on a daily basis.

You don’t need multiples of ‘fancy dancy’ toileties, just the basics.