8 Organic Living Tips

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1. City water contains fluoride. Get a reverse osmosis filter to remove it.

2. Most of the ‘organic’ eggs you see at the supermarket come from caged chickens. For real ‘free range’ eggs find a local farmer on localharvest.org.

3. Read labels. ‘Organically made’ isn’t the same as ‘Organic’. ‘Freely traded’ isn’t the same as ‘free trade’. The latter is certified.

4. Think organic foods are too costly? Buy foods that are in season. It’s cheaper and healthier.

5. Grow some of your own produce. Know what’s easy to grow? Try root crops like carrots, beets and radishes.

6. Store bought produce that you intend to eat raw should be soaked in a solution of 1/3 vinegar to 2/3’s water to kill bacteria.

7. Buy the best salt. Good salts, such as Himalayan pink salt add minerals to your diet. A container can last a year or more.

8. Avoid cooking utensils coated in non-stick when possible. IF you use a coated pan always cook with a plastic or wooden utensil to avoid scratching. Invest in some good quality stainless steel pans or cast iron skillets.

On a second note….. thinking about appetizer recipes for a holiday party? Have you ever had Rumaki? I fell in love with Rumaki at a Christmas party a long time ago. However, not everyone cares for the main ingredient, chicken livers. This recipe for Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts is similar in style and taste… yum city!

faux rumaki
faux rumaki