Becoming a Homesteader, One Step at a Time

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Homesteading is becoming more and more popular. Everyone’s talking about it. Planning to do it but not everyone is in the best position to start homesteading. They might still be in town! 

Homesteaders don’t have to live in the country but it sure helps. Homesteading is more about providing for yourself, becoming more self-reliant and self-sufficient. A small step is growing a vegetable in a pot. Those little steps can add up to acres in the country all working toward a self-sustaining lifestyle.

Can’t have chickens in your neighborhood? That doesn’t mean you can get fresh eggs and produce from the farmer’s markets. No room to grow? That doesn’t mean you can’t visit a ‘pick your own’ farm where you can get produce cheaper, be selective, buy as much as you preserve for later consumption. Some of the ‘pick your own’ even have some already picked produce for those that might have difficulties whether that be walking in dirt, or even time related.

Don’t know how to put up produce? A great way to start is by making freezer jam. It’s practically foolproof, lets you use up that surplus of fruit, lasts a long time, tastes good and YOU made it!

Making regular jelly isn’t hard either! Ball even has an automatic jelly maker. It doesn’t get much easier!

Then once you feel you’ve mastered jelly making move onto vegetables. A week’s worth of ripe tomatoes can fill your kitchen counter… or fill some canning jars.

No garden, no yard, no patio, no balcony? Consider joining a community garden. There are neighborhoods where an emtpy lot can be turned into a garden shared (and worked) by the whole neighborhood. There are also gardens where you can lease a bed for to grow your own.

All the self reliant skills you master, while having fun, will come in handy when you do ‘make the move’ to becoming a full-time homesteader.