Cover These Areas of Emergency Planning

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Emergency Evacuation

If you’ve ever worked in a high-rise office building you probably know the emergency evacuation plan. In fact, most workplaces should have such a plan and you should be aware of their plans for evacuation.

Most cities and towns have emergency evacuation routes (sometimes the same as the snow route). Do you know yours?

And just like at work you need an emergency evacuation plan for your home. Knowledge favors the prepared mind (Louis Pasteur). If you haven’t already, plan routes home. Plan routes between home and school. Just plan. The knowledge that you’ve gone over emergency plans with your family will help reduce panic as each family member will know what they’re supposed to do and where they’re supposed to go.

I like to keep a copy of Atlas Road Maps in my trunk. These maps show all roads, including dirt roads. You should at least have one paper map so that you don’t rely on internet mapping.


What will you do with your pet in the event of an emergency? Do you have pet carriers for each small animal? Harness and leashes? Have you stored pet food, dry and canned? Do you keep extra leashes in the car?

Your pets can sense when everything isn’t going right. Try your best to remain calm to keep your pets calm. It’s not easy to get a scared pet out of hiding! Just remember to prepare for your pets too.

Love My Dog
Love My Dog


One way to always have those important papers is to make copies and keep a copy in your emergency kit or go bag. You could possibly need birth certificates (to prove those are your kiddos) marriage license, financial paperwork including your homeowners policy #.

Do you have a fire safe box? A fire safe box is a good place to store your original documents. While you might consider a safety deposit box as the ultimate off-site safe spot, you might find that in an emergency access to that financial building might not be available.

Computer Files

Do you have a computer backup? Do you have cloud storage? Keep copies on a removal drive?
Simply planning ahead for an emergency situation will put you miles ahead of those that never have given any thought to the matter.

Being prepared brings peace of mind.