Healthy Skin with Essential Oils

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Essential oils have many properties -and- uses. Did you know that some essential oils help promote healthy skin .


Did you know that the average person has two square meters of skin? We need to keep our outer layer in the best condition possible. Doing so helps us ‘look’ and feel our best

Like many people, I’m extremely choosy about the products I use on my skin. Skin is porous. It absorbs whatever you put on it!
Our facial skin is more permeable than body skin, and our underarms/genital areas absorb even more. Some of the oils I use for my own skin are:

I keep frankincense around for it’s antiseptic properties. This EO (essential oil) helps in the healing of wounds and minimizing scars. It’s used as an astrigent (but not straight! Never use an essential oil straight.) You’ll find frankincense in many facial creams and ointments.

Lavender gets more use in this house than just about any other oil. We use it in a diffuser for a sleep-aid, diluted in oil for sunburns and as an additive in lotion. It’s also helpful for sunburns, and as a general relaxant.

Ylang Ylang
This essential is a balancer. It relaxes and arouses. It can be an irritant if used to heavily but excellent in a blended oil (diluted of course).

Chamomile is a great oil although it’s a bit pricey. (Make sure you’re getting chamomile essential oil and NOT chamomile fragrance oil. Fragrance oils are not the same thing.)

It’s used in EO formulations for the face. It helps in toning giving you a smoother complexion. It’s quite moisturizing often used in baby products such as natural diaper rash sprays and creams. Folks often find that chamomile helps with lightening of scar tissue.

Tea Tree
We keep tea tree oil around for common skin disorders. I’ve made formulations for teens to help with acne and tea tree infused powders to help with foot fungus and odor. Tea tree is quite affordable and should be in everyone’s medicine cabinet.

Essential oils can be an important part of your home medicine cabinet as well as part of your daily beauty routine. Before using essential oils one should gain knowledge about the different oils from a third party (such as books). Remember all essentials oils should be diluted as they are heavily concentrated.