How Folks are Prepping

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I read an article recently from Marketing Dive regarding the different pandemic personas.  They identified the four types of pandemic personas as on-guard, careful optimists, remiss pessimists and lax dreamers.

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While the article was focusing on the current pandemic these personas also hold true for those considering themselves preppers.

They suggested the on-guard people are the ones spending their cash on soap, sanitizer, medications and masks. With the careful optimists being the ones doing yoga, meditating and socializing via phone/computer. They’re suggesting the remiss pessimists as stocking up on outfits, alcohol and completing DIY projects with the lax dreamers spending time praying, cleaning and listening to music.

These categories also fall into the prepper niche.  Whether you’re a seasoned prepper or just starting out you’re probably stocking up on the essentials like the on-guards, socializing with family and friends safely, and stocking up on clothes for the next season.  Cleaning never hurt anyone and I’m sure lots of us have DIY projects to complete.

Preppers that I know fall into all of these categories only perhaps they’re taking it a bit further. They’re stocking up on household goods, toilet paper included, as well as food and OTC medications.  They’re gardening and putting by their produce by freezing, dehydrating, canning and a few have ordered freeze dryers.  They’re buying kids clothes the next size up, bedding and warm blankets and quilts, and finding a way to store more water. They’re honing their homesteading skills be that making their own butter and cheese, preserving foods, gardening, cooking, baking, first aid, needlework, sewing, metalwork, woodwork, chainsawing,  hunting, fishing, making soap and candles, dutch oven cooking, seed saving and more.

homemade soap

They’re buying sleeping bags and tents, water purifiers, hand tools, seeds and moving to the countryside.  A local realtor can’t keep country homes listed. They sell too fast!

They’re listening to the news, reading between the lines and preparing for what may come.  That’s what preppers do.

What preps have you added to your home?