What Gardening Tools Do You Need?

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One of the first things that homesteaders want to do when they get to the countryside is to start a garden.


A garden can be in many forms. It might be an herb bed, a kitchen herb bed by the back door, containers, raised beds and plain old old-fashioned ‘in the ground in rows’ garden.

Having the proper tools goes a long way in helping you maintain the garden. The size and type of your garden will help determine what you need.

If you’re merely growing tomatoes or peppers in a pot you can get by with just a knife for harvesting the peppers (although both peppers and tomatoes can easily be harvested with just a twisting motion.)

little hot peppers
little hot peppers

Lots of folks take care of their tomato plants bare-armed and others wear long gloves as the leaves can be itchy to some people. Same with varieties of okra and cucumbers that aren’t spineless.

Once your garden has overgrown a bucket or a small bed it’s probably time to invest in some gardening tools.

You’ll certainly need a hoe. They come in different shapes and uses. Find one that fits well with your height and stance.

garden hoe

You’ll want a shovel. At some point you’ll need to dig a bigger hole than a hand held spade can handle.

You’ll want a post hole digger. Why? You’ll probably end up wanting to put a fence around the garden, you know, to foil the deer and bunnies.

You’ll want a spade even if you have a shovel. It comes in handy when you’re creating a square edge, such as when you’re creating a boundary between the grassy lawn and the garden.

You’ll want a couple of rakes. One for leaves as well as a metal one.

You’ll need a pair of long handled loppers. You’ll eventually need to trim back some limbs or take out tree seedlings that appear in your nice garden soil.

You’ll need some garden gloves. More than one pair. They wear out. You loose them. The dog carries them off…

Consider getting a knee pad or a rolling cart you can sit on to weed/seed/plant. You might need some muck boots (rain boots) for gardening in damp soil (aka garden mud!)

You’ll need stakes for tomatoes (handy if there’s a vampire nearby) tomato cages or something to make them from, a watering can or a watering hose long enough to reach all the way around the garden.

Those with a BIG garden will find that they will love a tiller or a plow for their tractor.

As with any project, start small, and work your way up over time.