Preppers Improvise

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When you live 25 miles from Home Depot, the hardware store, (and more) you learn to improvise.

There’s a lot to be said about doing things yourself even when you don’t ‘exactly’ have the right tools to accomplish tasks with.

It isn’t stupid if it works.

Up until recently the hubs had his office in the corner of the guest bedroom. His desk consisted of an old door and two file cabinets. It worked. It was a method of getting what was needed without any cash layout.

However…. he had recently formed a non-profit,a 501(c)(c) to help end veteran suicide, namely Reveille Bridge Veterans Foundation. Part of his marketing program includes podcasts interviewing other veterans and their plight. To do so, he needed more room.

We removed the guest facilities and refitted that room into a real office, complete with a green screen behind him for video podcasting.

We already owned the green screen and the stand (from prior photography work) as well as a large ring light. We were set! That is until we realized that the stand was about 10″ short of covering the entire back wall!

Now, we could’ve stopped what we were doing, taken measurements and headed to town to buy ‘something’ that would work to lengthen the stand. Who wants to do that in the middle of a project?

I went to the garage, where there are multitudes of ‘kept things’ to see what I could find that would work for this situation.

I keep an old clay pipe stand in a corner, standing upright, that I use to store tall thin things I might need some day. (There’s a difference between a hoarder and a prepper I swear!) In that pipestand there’s long light tubes, curtain rods, painting poles, old broomsticks, a hoe with the blade missing… and things like that.

Do you keep old broom and mop handles? Broken hoes?

One of those old broom handles is my go to walking stick! Bright so I won’t lose it if I lean it against a tree. Padded to keep from causing calluses and made of a sturdy wood. Too bad the broom part failed!

That broken hoe sans a blade? I use that to pull/lift items outside, such as a log I’m trying to move or a sheet of plywood. Always pull/lift from the opposite side… that way IF there’s a snake underneath it’ll go away from you, not towards you. IT HAPPENS! You can even use that hook to lift a snake and carry it away from the area. That is if you can do it without screaming! 😀

Well also in that pipestand was an old metal, hollow mop handle that just happens to slide perfectly into the end of the green screen stand pipe.

Problem solved with ‘junk’ we had on hand and without a trip to the store.

Country folk, and preppers alike, know to keep some things that have the potential to have other or multiple uses.

Are there items that you keep on hand that others would consider garbage?