Protecting Valuables, Home, Family

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With all the ‘mess’ that’s going on in some of our larger cities one has to be wondering how they can safeguard their valuables, just in case.

Of course circumstances and locations will play a big difference in protecting your valuables, whether that’s family, property or more.

Never keep your valuables in a sock drawer! You’ve seen pictures of houses turned upside down by a prowler. They will look in your drawers! An experienced burglar knows where to look, the most obvious hiding places. Remember the old TV show about a cat burglar? He’d often use a pillowcase taken from the bed and fill it up with jewelry, silver and other valuables.


Do you have a safe? If you keep small valuables at home such as expensive jewelry or cash you’ll want a safe. Now you don’t want one of those little ‘fireproof’ safes that just sit in the closet UNLESS it’s HEAVY.

Have you seen the safes that the buyers found in TV shows like Storage Wars? Many of those smaller, lighter weight safes can be opened by dropping. Now there are heavy safes meant for the closet that can’t be carried out, that is unless the offender is the Hulk! You’d still want to bolt it to the floor for extra safety. A better option is one that’s embedded in the floor. That is unless you live in a flood prone or earthquake prone area. Same with a wall safe. If you’re in an earthquake zone or tornado zone that wall safe might not be the best idea.

Your bank offers safety deposit boxes at reasonable prices. Consider getting one.

Have you updated security around your home? It’s best if you can ‘keep them out’ in the first place. There are motion sensing lights and some are even solar operated so power isn’t an issue. A large guard dog helps as does a small yippy dog.

Do you have a weapon. The sound of a shotgun racking up is unmistakable.

Think Data in Star Trek’s Insurrection “Lock and load!”

You should also have basic supplies on hand, you know, just in case. You should have food storage, access to water, medicines, first aid supplies and other items you’d need in a crisis. If you have it at home you won’t feel the need to expose yourself by venturing out.