Protecting Yourself Health Tips

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Wash Your Hands

You know the main thing you should do to help the spread of viruses, and that includes the current one spreading like wildfire. Yes. Wash your hands.

Just the very simple act of washing your hands frequently with soap and water helps limit the number of cold and flu viruses AND your chance of getting infected. If you’re out in public for a grocery store run use your hand sanitizer as soon as you depart the store. Don’t feel bad about using it on your credit card and your car door handles too. And then wash your hands as soon as you get home.

wash hands  songs
wash hands songs

Wash your hands before making a meal, eating or drinking and feel free to use your hand sanitizer or your homemade concoction as often as necessary.

You’re more likely to pick up a virus with your hands than with any other method. Of course you’re going to stay 6 (or more) feet away from anyone but you’re probably going to touch that door handle, the shopping cart handle, anything on the shelf, the gas handle… What happens is you’ll forget and touch your face. We scratch our nose, rub our eyes or touch our lips when eating. Viruses find mucous membranes an OPEN sign. It’s right where they want to be.

So all you’re hearing about washing your hands is correct. Wash them well and wash them often.

You’ve probably heard about singing the Happy Birthday song as a long enough time to actually wash but did you know there are alternatives? Such as Queen’s We Will Rock You, or Twinkle Twinkle little star…

Work on Boosting Your Immune System

The grocery stores are still open so you can go out and get more fresh fruits and vegetables. Up your family’s intake of fruits and vegetables. Add more Vitamin C to your diet (or supplement). Try to avoid processed foods during this time.

Get some exercise. You might walk around the block, work in the yard or garden or just follow an online exercise program. Just get moving. Don’t spend ALL this time at home on the couch.

Get plenty of sleep. Don’t sleep all day though. Work on getting the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep per night. Turn off the TV, the phone so you aren’t distracted by what’s going on outside. Relax. Your bedroom should be an oasis where you can get some rest.

6 feet social distancing
6 feet social distancing


We’ve heard ‘social distancing’ drilled into us the past couple of weeks and there’s good reason for it. Anyone coughing or displaying symptoms of illness ‘should’ be at home but if you’re out running your essential errands do your best to steer clear. IF you must be somewhere where there are other people in close quarters (such as on a bus or waiting in line) do your best to keep the allotted six feet between you. It wouldn’t hurt to wear rubber gloves and a face mask either!

Help others by staying at home as much as possible. Don’t go out into the public unless you absolutely must.