Ready for Christmas?

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Is there such a thing as a simpler Christmastime?

Holiday time isn’t just all fun and games and snickerdoodles. There’s a lot of prepping and planning that goes into something as simple as a family gathering.

There’s recipe planning, shopping for the food, making space in the freezer, optimizing the meal plan to save time and money. Coordinating with other family members so you don’t end up with several green bean casseroles…. and the cooking which can take more than a day. You can pre-make the cornbread for the dressing, and bake a day or two ahead.

And that’s just the meal.

Not my Christmas tree but wouldn't it be nice?
Not my Christmas tree but wouldn’t it be nice?

You also have to have time to make the house presentable. Sweeping, vacuuming, mopping and dusting. Putting away items that little children could get hurt on and decorating to make the home more festive.

Do you have enough plates to feed everyone with dishes left for dessert? Do you have enough flatware and serving spoons? Space to lay it all out? Tables and chairs for everyone to have a seat at a table?

Does you meal list include requested favorites? When I was growing up it wouldn’t have been Christmas without Grandma’s fudge. Have you created a dish that everyone always asks for AND include it in your plans?

And then there’s gifts. Do you buy for everyone and the mailman? Do you reduce your gift list to children only? Do you know sizes and interests? Do you buy everyone a ‘prepper’ gift or try to stick to something fun?

A lot of people shop by threes for children.
Something to read, something to wear and something fun.

The holidays can certainly be hectic but it’s also a time to cherish your family, your loved ones and be thankful for all you’re blessed with.

Sure, there’s tinsel, and homemade food and homemade crafts but there’s also time for hugs, story time, and watching little children’s faces as the tree is lit.

Embrace what you do have. Like many things, Christmas doesn’t have to be perfect.