September is National Preparedness Month

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Can you become more prepared during September?

Sure you can!

Let’s think about your daily driver. The car or truck you drive to work each day. Of course, lots of folks are homebound right now but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t get stuck out somewhere in your vehicle.

dirt road
dirt road

So what should you have IN your trunk?

You need a blanket. You can use this to keep warm and to provide shade. One of those emergency shiny blankets is nice too and doesn’t take up much room.

You need some water. A couple bottles of drinking water, and maybe a 2/3 liter bottle incase you need to fill the radiator.

You need some food. Something that will keep in the car despite heat or cold. Granola bars work.

Walking shoes. I keep my ‘last year’s’ tennis type shoes in the trunk. You’d think your regular shoes will be fine, but what if you were wearing dress shoes? Extra socks can be rolled and stuffed into the shoes.

Prepper trunk
Prepper trunk

A fire starting method. You know, just in case.

A flashlight. Extra batteries can come in handy. Consider getting a flashlight that cranks or one that you shake to charge. Some even double as a phone charger.

A pocketknife or leatherman as well as some basic tools along with some jumper cables, a real spare tire, a battery powered air compressor (runs off the car battery). If you’re in a muddy or ice area some kitty litter and a small foldable shovel will help you get unstuck as will tire chains (if you know how to install them.) A small first aid kit.

muddy road
muddy road

I personally carry more than this. I’ve umbrellas, rain ponchos, baby wipes, sunscreen, dog bones, dog leash, Kleenex, Fix-a-flat, toilet paper, gloves, an extra tshirt and cap, and duct tape. (At least…)

Don’t put off creating a car-kit. One never knows when it will come in handy.

More preparedness tips as the month progresses.