Short on Funds? Long on Country Dreams?

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You know you want to live in the country as quickly as possible. The problem you might be facing is the cash to afford the homesteading/prepper dream. Sometimes you think your credit is holding you back.

There are options.

Get in your car and take a drive to the outskirts of town, to the countryside, to the area you think you’d like to live in. If you have a job in town take care to make note of how far out the potential properties are. Commuting can be a hassle but one that many country folk take in stride. Ideally, if you must commute you’ll probably not want to reside more than an hours drive from your workplace.

looking at land

An easy way to determine this is either by actually driving the distance taking into account rush hour traffic. Another way is to take a physical map, or a printout, figure out the distance you potentially drive in an hour and make a circle on the map all the way around your workplace. This will give you a potential boundary of places to look. Of course, main thoroughfares will shorten the drive. But then again, lots of prepper types like to be away from main roads.

checking a map

Take a Sunday drive around the area you circled. Drive the main roads, the gravel roads and even the dirt roads. While out and about keep your eyes open of course for ‘for sale’ signs but you should also look for properties that appear abandoned. Overgrown grass and weeds are a sign that the property isn’t occupied. See any homemade ‘for sale’ signs? Those typically aren’t listed with a broker potentially saving you some money. These kind also sell fast.

So what if you’ve spotted a property you like but can’t see a method to find the owner? Make a note of the address, or cross streets. When you get home check your county assessor’s office. You can look up online property ownership. (Not all counties have this online.)

Sometimes then all it takes is a phone call to find out of the owner is open to selling outright. You can often do a purchase direct with the land owner. These might have no credit checks and often a very low down payment. You can even find no down payment properties when the property needs some work.

Your local bank probably has some foreclosed homes in their inventory as well. A phone call to your local bank is at hand!

You might even find some contract land where you can move a small trailer on until you can afford to build. We’ve even seen some folks living in a tent (in the summertime) while building a small house.

Don’t forget rent to own options.

Once you find your dream spot, and if you’re doing a simple contract make sure to have the deed/title search done, to protect yourself, and utilize a lawyer or a title company to close the deal.

dreamy country land

Keep your eyes and options open. You’ll find a place!