Simple Emergency Supplies

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Every single person will have slighly different priorities as to what not only constitutes an emergency but what they think they’ll need. Some folks are happy with just a cell phone. (We all know that cell lines get overrun in the event of an emergency.) Some folks think that as long as they have a quarter (for a phone call) that they’ll be ok. (You know there aren’t that many pay phones anymore…) Some folks think that a twenty hidden in their wallet is enough and some have a rucksack ready to go!

Everyone’s comfort level is going to be different and deciding what to have in an emergency kit can be tough.

Have you considered acquiring camping supplies? While you and your family may not be heavy into backwoods camping there could come a time when those sleeping bags and propane stove could come in handy. You can pick up camping supplies at yard sales all summer long.

yard sale
yard sale

While you’re at it….add a cast iron skillet or two to your preparedness supplies, that is, if you don’t already have one (or more). They are heavy duty and can be used over a campfire without melting handles or warping. I like to cook in them on a daily basis. You get a nice sear on a piece of fish or steak… and cornbread cooked in a cast iron is just the best! AND get a cast iron dutch oven. There’s SO many things you can cook!

Want to go all out? Invest in a generator. Gas powered generators are hard to find right after a storm. If you feel the need for powering up the house then a gas powered one is the way to go. They’re plentiful in the stores right now but go fast after an ice storm or tornado. If you’re in a survival situation and feel that a gas powered generator makes too much noise you should take a look into solar generators.

The main things you need to consider and cover are food, water and shelter. You’ll want:

Water. You can buy jugs of water, or larger containers to hold water, rainwater catchment…

Flashlight and batteries (or a hand crank model!!!), radio, extra blankets, propane canisters for the stove, stovetop coffee percolator, lanterns, matches, cooler, nonbreakable plates.

Hopefully your food storage is up to par. If not, get to adding canned veggies, juices, canned meats (These have long expirations), canned soups, canned fruit, a MANUAL can opener, bleach.

Dry foods such as flour, sugar, cornmeal, crackers…. (Buy now and vacuum seal…)

First aid kits and baby wipes. Board and card games, crayons and paper.

Each person and family’s needs will be different. You’ll want to attempt to bring as much normalcy as possible to a stressfull situation. That’s why having as much stored as possible is a good thing. The less stress on you, the less you’ll have on your family.

It’s almost yard sale season. Start making a list of what you want to look for to add to your preps this year!