Snowmageddon Oklahoma

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I guess that Punxsutawney Phil was correct. It’s freezing outside. BELOW freezing. Colder for an extended period of time that I ever remember!

This morning the temperature gauge in the doghouse (on the porch) read 1.5 degrees. Don’t worry, the dog was inside in her favorite chair all warm and snug.

As of right now, (almost noon) the outside temperature is showing one degree (but the doghouse is up to 11… dogs still inside but she did venture out for a potty break in the woods earlier.) This is frigid!

FB posts lets me know that the ‘main’ roads have been plowed (but not necessarily ‘our’ main road). Photos shared by the ones brave enough to venture out were still snow covered.

The nearest grocery store is closed.

The nearest Dollar General is closed.

The nearest gas station is closed and I’d venture a guess that the nearest restaurant is as well.

Now, we all knew this was coming. I too… ventured out before the worst of the storm to stock up on the Okie essentials, you know bread, milk and eggs. And of course I wasn’t disappointed as everyone and their brother were out doing the same thing! I actually had to try three different stores (in town) before I found milk, bread and eggs.

Now, as a prepper, you probably think I should’ve had those things already in the house. Well, I did but as long as I was out (had to make a post office and UPS store run for my ‘side’ biz.) I figured I get some ‘extra’.

FB posts also shows me that not everyone was prepared. There were posts of folks asking for water, and firewood. And many pleas for ‘who to call’ for assistance with frozen water lines etc.

The house is staying at about 63 degrees, which in reality is chilly, especially compared to my folk’s ‘natural gas’ powered heat which they keep at about 78! But I live outside the city limits so there’s no natural gas lines AND I live in an earth-shelter. ES’s are typically too tight for gas or propane use. (Just sayin’.) So we’re making do with our ‘water source heat pump’ and a fireplace.

For those considering a ‘water source heat pump’ for their own house you should know that this type of heat has a hard time keeping up with the need when the temperatures are frigid like they are now.

Hopefully, as the weather turns warmer later in the week, everyone will have learned a lesson or two. Plan more. Prep more. Aim to be more prepared for any weather event.

Do you have an ample supply of WARM blankets, quilts and down comforters?

Do you have an ample supply of foods that can be eaten without cooking?

Does everyone have a heavy duty winter coat, hat and gloves?

Have you stored water for drinking, washing and flushing?

Do you have a battery powered radio (or hand crank) in case the electricity goes out?

Do you have an ample supply of candles for light (and some residual heat)?

If you have a wood burning stove have you stocked up on dry, seasoned firewood or pellets for a pellet stove?

Do you HAVE to venture out? If not… stay home. Stay safe. Keep warm.