Staying Organized

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Staying organized is a great way to reduce stress. Why? Because when you can find what you need you’re automatically ahead of the game.

Keeping things both simple and organized is a great way to reduce those little irritations. Minimizing irritation reduces stress. Stress in a survival or preparedness situation doesn’t help anyone.

In everyday life, don’t you hate it when you can’t find an important paper or a bill you know you need to pay? Can’t locate your car keys? The remote is missing? Can’t make cereal for breakfast because the milk has gone bad?

These little irritations can be avoided by being organized.

Everything in it's place
Everything in it’s place

Tidy Up

First, tidy up. Clean up your home. Clean up your office. Clean up your desk, your closets, your tool shed. Whatever you use, both on a daily basis as well as long tern should be need, tidy and organized.

Declutter. Get rid of unused items. Do you need all those mutltiples of screwdrivers or steak knives? Are the things in the closet useful?

I do believe in storing certain items for long-term preparedness but those items are neatly marked with contents AND rotated AND checked annually to determine integrity of the containers… etc. I only keep items that have been used in the last two years, are useful, bring joy to someone in the home, or that I have an intended purpose for.

I probably have items that you would need unnecessary but they have a purpose. For instance, I have an old swingset in the back yard. Kids are all grown and out of the house. Why would I keep a swing set? Well…. I can use it, along with some stored rope and a vintage well pulley to get water from a well IF there were no power for an extended length of time.

Straighten up your pantry and your long term food storage. Mark with contents and dates of acquisition. Declutter unnecessary items. Donate, give away or sell. Only keep what you need and what you can use. This will create order amidst the chaos.

Make a habit of decluttering and keeping things tidy. You’ll relieve stress out of your daily life because you’ll know where things are.

Aim for continual improvement. Try to handle things as they come into the house and try to handle things only once.

Do you open the mail in the kitchen, set down the bills and the envelopes without doing anything with them? Put the bills where you sit down to pay them and put the envelopes in the trash right away. Anytime you can reduce the amount of handling the neater everything will be.

When you bring groceries into the house do you set some items on the counter to put up later? Do you set some things beside the garage door to put up out there? Do you get these things put away promptly or do you let them sit….

Make a habit of washing dishes while you’re cooking dinner. This way there will be no (or less) dishes left afterwards. Pick up the living room before heading to bed.

Be mindful of the messes you create and resolve to handle things only once. Make an effort to create organization all around you.
Get organized. It’ll ease your daily life.