Stock Up Over Time

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I headed out for my weekly grocery shopping a little early this past Saturday as I wanted to avoid as much crowd as possible. Not because of any virus but because it’s just easier to shop before everyone gets out and about on Saturday morning.

I hit a store or two, as I can’t get everything I need in one stop and arrived at Sams Club quite a bit earlier than normal. I was a bit surprised at how full the parking lot was. I mean it’s not Christmas, or Easter.

Just inside the door they had an employee using those little Clorox wet wipes to wipe down the handles of the carts. Now a lot of stores have the anti-bacterial wipes near the shopping carts for your use but this is the first time I’d seen an employee using them to wipe down the handles.

On we go.

I had my ‘normal’ grocery shopping list to buy for and I am always on the lookout for bargains. I needed a few normal things but since I consider myself somewhat of a prepper… you know I’m probably not truly out of anything!

I did think I should up my bleach on hand. I like to buy more of certain things when I open the last one (or near to the last one). I wasn’t out of bleach but it was on my list. Good thing as there was NO bleach at Sams. Just an empty hole. No worries as I wasn’t out and had alternatives in place, you know, just in case.

Up and down the aisles when I noticed a flurry of activity on the toilet paper aisle. Now, I’d seen the videos where people were swarming and buying up all the toilet paper but I didn’t expect it here in Oklahoma. But sure enough…

out of toilet paper at Sams
out of toilet paper at Sams

They were out of toilet paper. I overheard a conversation between another customer and an employee where they were told that they’d gone through two deliveries this week and didn’t know when they’d get more as it was being rerouted. Didn’t hear where. What’d that customer get? That commercial brand in the box. You know the kind you find in gas station and restaurant restrooms. Everyone on that aisle loaded up on that kind. If you notice, on the opposite aisle there’s plenty of facial tissue… … …

I didn’t need any so I went on my way only to find that a big hole where the huge bags of pinto beans normally is.

out of pinto beans
out of pinto beans

I didn’t need any dried beans either but I like to keep aware, don’t you?

While shopping I also noticed that they were wiped out of hand sanitizer, average sized rubber gloves, rubbing alcohol and peroxide.

There’s a difference between being prepared and being a hoarder. Those folks buying buggies full were in pre-disaster mode, almost as if an ice storm were coming or the aftermath of a tornado.

If they’d ‘thought ahead’ all along they wouldn’t be running around frantic in a time of need. You can stock up easily by purchasing one more than you’ll use before the next shopping trip. Over time this will add up and you won’t feel the pressure to ‘run to the store’ only to find what you needed… gone.