Street Safety Tips

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In the event of an unrest or other crisis you’ll want to be in your safe place. That might be your home, your office, or even a bug out location, however, there are times when you’ll be out on the street and this is when safety becomes paramount.

Minimize Your Risks

If you must be out, such as getting to your safe place, picking up supplies or picking up children you’ll want to get it done fast and get out of there. It’s not the time to park far away for exercise. Know your routes, get done what you need to get done and go.

It pays to know different ways to/from your most traveled places. You can learn these routes by taking them during normal times. Drive different ways home so that you learn the neighborhoods. So that you know which roads are prone to flooding, which roads are dead ends, and which roads will be heavily traveled.

If you’re in an unfamiliar area it pays to have a printed map with you. An up to date state atlas road map should be in your vehicle or carry bag. Avoid troublesome areas.

Don’t wear fancy jewelry or clothing. Don’t carry a lot of cash. Wear good walking or running shoes and leave the dress shoes at home. Avoid underpasses.

Should you feel like you’re being followed then vary your route. Stop into a store or cafe or drive to the nearest police station or somewhere with security.

Stay Confident

Fear shows. Hold your head high and walk with confidence and purpose. If accosted for your wallet then toss it on the ground. This will give you moments to escape. You can even carry a faux wallet with a couple of dollars in it and use that instead of your real wallet. By the time the offender realizes you tossed them a ‘change’ purse you can be gone. Don’t struggle as the offender may have weaponry on them.

Avoid Groups

If there’s a group of people, especially young people, just hanging around for no apparent reason you should steer clear just to be safe. Group mentality can turn ugly. Avoid it at all costs.

Your Own Arsenal

Of course a weapon of your own can give you a ‘one up’ in many situations. This doesn’t have to be a side arm, it could be pepper spray, a stun gun or other unobtrusive item. However, that item will do you no good unless you know how to use it. Practice at home or at the range so that using the item becomes second nature. Training can help you to remain calm.

Walk Towards Traffic

If you need to walk to your destination one should always walk facing the oncoming traffic. This will help you to avoid many difficulties.

While these tips can certainly help you in times of trouble they are also useful tips for everyday life. Put the phone down, take out your earbuds and be aware of your surroundings.