Survival Supplies to Keep on Hand

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Surviving is paramount. Whether you’re preparing for a short-term event or a long-term disaster, the supplies you have on hand will make the difference in just surviving or living decently.

Your basic needs are simple. Shelter, first aid, food & water and the ability to protect yourself (people or wildlife).

For those that intent to bug in your home is your shelter. Should you feel the need to bug out or if the house ends up damaged somehow you may feel the need to acquire tents, sleeping bags as well as rain gear.

Do you have a method to keep warm? Does your home have a wood-burning fireplace incase you end up without power? A backup pot bellied stove? You’ll need access to wood, a tool for cutting/chopping, gloves to protect your hands as well as a method to actually start a fire. (Flint/firestarters/matches)

Do you have a stocked first aid kit? This goes beyond a box of bandages.

Do you have some sort of weapon? You might not feel the need to protect yourself with a firearm but you should consider the what-ifs such as a wandering band of coyotes/wolves/bears/dogs.

And then there’s food and water. Do you have ample supplies and a method of opening and cooking said food? You can’t use your teflon skillet over an open fire. Consider adding some cast-iron to your cooking supplies. Think staples for long-term storage such as dried beans, white rice as well as canned food such as peanut butter. Don’t forget the powdered milk, sugar and salt! Most canned meats have a long shelf life. A handheld can opener should be in every home!

Still thinking about what you’d need? How about a flashlight and batteries, a small solar power source for your cell, wind-up radio?

If there are children you’ll need something to keep them occupied. Of course they can help with many things but some hard candy, some coloring books, reading books and games will help pass the time and keep them busy.

tent in snow

Work on your basic needs, shelter, first aid, food & water and protection before you start adding ‘extras’. Extras like a solar array, water purification system, RV’s, solar cookers and the like are good to have but always cover your basics first.