Take Care of the Things You Own

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Preparedness takes many forms.

Preparedness is basically being in a state of readiness.

Food storage for lean times. Backups when it’s too far to the store. Having extras on hands of many things as well as taking care of the things you own.

I recently acquired a new vehicle. I have dogs. One in particular is a rescue dog. A rescue dog with people and strange animal issues. A dog that likes to go with me when I go somewhere. A dog that doesn’t like strange dogs or strange people near that vehicle or me.

My last vehicle ended up with deep puncture marks from the dog’s nails on the back windowsill. This happened in the dog’s anger towards those strange dogs and/or people. She’d get up in the window (which I left cracked enough for air… or for the dog to stick her head out as we’re going down the road) and she’d bark, growl snarl and get VERY angry. The result was dog slobber on the glass… and deep puncture marks in the door, mostly at the edge of the window.

I didn’t want that to happen to my new vehicle. I looked around and found these…

and I ordered them.

While I was waiting on delivery I made sure that the dog could only get in the very far back of the SUV. She was elated when they finally arrived (as was I) as this meant I could lay down the back seats and allow her full access to the back on our little trips.

kurgo car door cover
kurgo car door cover

These car door covers by Kurgo were extremely easy to install. Little plastic tabs go down between the glass and the door (where the window goes when putting the window down) AND came with sticky backed hook/loop. I was a bit concerned about using a sticky anything on the door BUT figured when the time came to trade it in that I’d just clean it off.

The windows can be put up or down and the covers don’t come loose.

Wind from an open window ‘could’ make them fly up and out BUT this kind of cover had long mesh pockets at the base. A perfect place for keeping a leash or a weighted item to keep the wind from blowing it. I used a small metal weight in the pocket to hold them down. Problem solved.

The covers are waterproof so rain doesn’t hurt them nor does dog slobber! They’re easy to clean as they can be wiped down OR tossed in the laundry.

The door cover has been well-tested. In the country there are always loose dogs. Those dogs ‘sometimes’ like to chase vehicles which angers my ride companion. She’s snarled, growled, raised hackles and all without these door covers coming loose or tearing up.

If you’ve a new vehicle, and a dog… consider adding door covers to your vehicle. It’ll save your doors and windowsills.

Just the perfect way to be prepared for one of life’s little moments.