Toilet Paper Dilemma?

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It’s strange what people will run out and buy in the face of a problem.

In this part of the country when there’s an ice storm approaching or perhaps a tornado forecast folks usually stock up on milk, bread and the like. However with all this COVID-19 issues spreading far and wide we too have seen the toilet paper snag.

A week ago the toilet paper was disappearing as fast as it was delivered. This week I’ve seen toilet paper supplies in every (few) stores I’ve been in. Although there were purchase limits in place, the toilet paper was still available.

So when this is all over make being more prepared part of your weekly grocery shopping. When you open the last of anything, add more to your shopping list.

Did you know there’s a website that will tell you how much toilet paper you need based on what you have and how often you go? Yes! It’s HowMuchToiletPaper

BUT, just in case, one should always have a backup. Preppers even like to have backups of their backups! So what else can you do?

There’s always outside. As a Girl Scout, many years ago, one of the Dad’s would come out to the camp beforehand and dig us a latrine. He’d always dig us one amidst a trio of trees and then a canvas tarp would be wrapped around, leaving access but providing privacy. Country folks can always go this route.

toilet paper in tree
toilet paper in tree

You can also use one of those handy 5 gallon buckets in the house. Of course a toilet seat or a pool noodle wrapped around the top for a seat make it easier to use. You’ll need something to cover up the ‘mess’ such as cold ashes from the fireplace, wood shavings, dirt or even kitty litter. This will keep the odors down.

Still using the house toilet but actually run out of toilet paper? There’s always old magazines, catalogs, wet wipes, paper towels, fast food napkins or even old cut up t-shirts. JUST DO NOT FLUSH these items or you WILL need a plumber, sooner or later.

toilet paper drying
toilet paper drying on the line…just kidding

There’s also washable items, if you can stomach it, such as washcloths or other rags. You then place into a bucket of water with bleach for soaking. This really isn’t any different than the way that diapers used to be handled. Yes, we used to soak diapers in a bucket before washing separate from the rest of the laundry. It wasn’t fun but disposable diapers didn’t always exist.

Handy with tools? Order yourself a bidet attachment for your toilet. No paper needed!

Just remember, if it isn’t actual toilet paper, trash it, don’t flush it.

We can get through this. Just use common sense, buy what you need and be conservative when you need to.