What cha Gonna Do With Them Beans?

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I thought I was being discreet.

I do my grocery shopping on a weekly basis whether I need to go shopping or not. I buy the items that we used up or are near to using up and like many others, I buy a little bit to set back, to stock up.

I don’t want to draw attention to what I’m buying so I buy it a little bit at time and from different stores.

It’s not like I was buying pallets of foodstuffs, just the limit offered for the item.

In this case, it was dried beans.

dried beans
dried beans

I was checking out when the cashier coyly asked “So, what cha gonna do with them beans?” It wasn’t so much ‘what’ she said as the manner in which she said it.

A ton of thoughts went through my head, from it’s none of your business, to I’m a prepper, to what I said “Oh, beans are good anytime!”

She suspected… … … or maybe she’s a prepper too.

Don't You Want to Be A Prepper Too?
Don’t You Want to Be A Prepper Too?

In retrospect I believe another prepper might have recognized ‘almost’ everything in my shopping cart as a stockpile item. I had one flour, one sugar, one rice, two of those aforementioned beans(the store limit), jello, baking powder all which could be considered long term foodstores.

Or I could merely have appeared as a person that cooks everything from scratch.

Either way, in this day and time we should all be careful about who knows about what you have. Don’t display photographs of your basement full of long term food storage on social platforms, or talk on FB about all your weapons. What you have/do is your business.

Be careful how you appear to others. Try to become the gray man. Do you best to blend in with your surroundings/people/circumstances.

And be sure to have a great comment ready when someone asks:

What cha gonna do with them beans?…