What to Look For in a Homestead

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Farmhouse decor is hot right now. In the simplest terms, what is a homestead but a farmhouse?

Those leaving the cities and heading to the country looking for a more sustainable lifestyle will probably mean that your idea of a homestead is a farm. You want to grow your own food and raise your own animals.

A lot of prepper type folks, (whether they realize they are a prepper or not) really just want to be away from the crowds of the city, the traffic and congestion, the hordes of people and the problems that arise in the city. They want a simpler life away from the hustle and bustle (and problems) that start in a metropolis.

Living in the country, on a farm, a homestead, or a cabin in the woods means you’re more likely to survive a pandemic, less likely to be around a terrorist event, and away from protesting/violence gang type activity.


So what do you look for in a homestead?

Location matters. You want to be as far from the city as possible. You want your home to be away from major roadways. While you want to be ‘out’ of the city you will probably want to be within an hour’s drive of ‘day job’ as longer commutes often hinder the homesteading lifestyle. If you aren’t reliant on a salary from a job in the city you can consider a location further away.

While you might not want a neighbor right next to you it does help to have neighbors within a mile or two so that help, should it be needed, could be obatined.

You want a place that’s big enough for your family. If your family isn’t completed, you may want to consider extra space for expansion. More kids need more room. Are you planning on more children? Will you be putting up extended family?

You want a place ideally with access to fresh water via a live creek, year round stream, pond/lake/river or deep well. You want trees for cover, to promote wildlife and to use for heating/cooking. You should look for a place with a nice flat area that could be converted to a garden.

Do you chose a place that’s a half acre when there’s 40 acres down the road for the same price? The more land you can secure the better.

If there’s already a house on the place check it’s structure and livability. Is it sound? Do major repairs need to be made? Do you have the skills to do it yourself or will you need to hire help? Is that in your budget? Are you planning on moving into the structure or living in a camper/Rv until you can build a proper structure to live in?

Moving to a homestead can be simple with a good realtor and with common sense. Know what you’re looking for, be willing to compromise but not settle. You’re looking for your forever home so that you and your family can build a self-sufficient lifestyle and raise your family with country values.