What’s in Your Trunk?

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The last week of the year was a doozy. I headed to town, with the hubs, with the intention of doing some grocery shopping and to let him finish up his year end shopping. While I was in town I decided to head on over to the dealer to use my oil change coupon before it expired.

So far so good right?

I’ve a few ‘ahem’ miles on my vehicle and I normally take it in for service by myself. The ‘service’ area has new vehicles in the waiting area. Smart for them, right? So hubs starts asking me questions. Do I have a balance on my loan? How many miles do you have on it? etc.. … … and before you know it he’s up and looking for a salesman.

He found one ready to deal.

So, while I went in for an oil change…. I came out with a brand new 2020 vehicle!

Buying a vehicle at the end of the year has it’s perks. They’re ready to deal. I received top dollar for my trade and a very good price on the new one.

Paperwork didn’t take long, you see, IF you have an excellent credit rating the offers fly in. It pays to work on your credit rating!

So after the deal was done, the salesman pulled the new vehicle into a bay (it was raining) and pulled my trade in back to back so I could unload. And since I wasn’t planning on buying a new vehicle you’ve got to know that mine was loaded!

I had the items I’d just purchased from the store, a carseat from hauling a grand youngun, and lots of other stuff up front. You know the kind of things ladies carry, kleenex, baby wipes, lotions, water bottles, dog bones/dog food (for strays), jackets….

But the kicker was watching the facial expressions of the salesman as we pulled stuff outta the storage compartments in the back. The hubs even spoke up.

Hubs asked WHY I had a pair of tennis shoes and socks. Well, silly, what if I had to walk and I had on dress shoes? I got a nod of recognition.

Prepper trunk
Prepper trunk

We pulled out two cans of Fix-a-Flat, a bottle of slime, a 12V tire inflater, two pair of jumper cables, a roll of paper towels, toilet paper, (shut tight with a rubber band), a knee pad (in case I had a flat and had to kneel) a blanket, tools, duct tape, 12V light, flashlights, a shaker flashlight (the salesman was intrigued by that).

There were rain ponchos, umbrella, space blankets, a first aid kit, gloves. A Rand-McNally for the state (in case GPS or phones are down), a roll of quarters, a compass, paracord, tshirt and cap, a roadside emergency kit and bottles of water (AND MORE) along with my ‘get home bag’.

Overkill? I don’t think so, in fact you probably carry something in your trunk that I’ve forgotten!

Suffice to say I’m pretty sure that the salesperson had never seen that kind of preparedness supplies coming out of the back of a ladies vehicle. He was impressed.

It was a good time to ‘upgrade’ and a good time to rearrange everything once I got home. I’ve discovered there’s more room in the storage compartment in this vehicle. I need to add some more preps…

What’s in your trunk or storage compartment in your vehicle?