What’s the Minimum You Should EDC?

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While I’m sure there will be many that will disagree with me I’m going to share the minimum you should carry with you on a daily basis.

Some folks will undoubtedly have much more in their everyday carry. I’ve seen it. And I’m sure that most people will have a general idea of the basics but let’s go forward.

Your everyday carry during uncertain times is about the same as your normal EDC (Every day carry).

You’ll want your cell phone. Sure there are areas where your cell won’t work as well as instances. For instance, after the OKC bombing the local cell towers were overwhelmed making calls in and out difficult. Same as during/after an extreme weather event. Towers can be struck by lightening, damaged by tornadoes or ice covered making them ineffective if they work at all. Even if your cell isn’t working for calling/texting you’ll find that you probably have some items (apps) on your cell that still work and can be useful such as the flashlight app. Your camera will still work. You can take notes.

Compass cell phone

Always keep your cell phone charged and consider packing a cell phone charger.

A regular small handheld flashlight is helpful as well. The more tactical the better as it can also be used as a weapon.

How about a Swiss army knife? If it’s good enough for MacGyver it’s good enough for you. Depending upon the size and features you’ll find it can come equipped with not only a blade for cutting, but a can opener, a saw, screwdriver, and more.

Your keys! Your keys should be on your person, aka in your pocket. Not in your purse. Not in your backpack. If you loose either climbing/running you won’t be able to get into your home/car. If someone get’s your purse and it has your ID in there, as well as your keys, then the finder/perpetrator now knows where you live. Not a good thing.

Paracord. Paracord seems to have unlimited uses. Use it to leash your dog, as a makeshift clothes line, to tie down items, as a belt. If your backpack is full consider wearing a paracord bracelet with a compass built in.

paracord bracelet

Don’t forget the aforementioned ID’s. Your driver’s license, your carry permit, perhaps a passport if you have one. At last some cash as well as a credit card.

Weapon? Not everyone will want to carry a firearm but if you have the required carry permit you’ll want to pack it as well. Don’t be a weekend gun-owner though. Practice at the firing range so that you know how to use it.

Not into guns? Carry some pepper spray. You can find pepper spray and mace in small cans that can attach via clip to your backpack, purse or belt. There’s even a model for runners that you wear on your wrist.

Any medications you take on a daily basis. Wouldn’t you hate to be stuck somewhere with your meds at home?

Your everyday carry isn’t a bug-out bag but it wouldn’t hurt to stash a couple granola bars, a lighter, and a bottle or two of water, or a lifestraw, you know…. just in case.