What’s Visible From the Road?

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What can the outside world see from the road?

secluded driveway
secluded driveway

If you live in a neighborhood you should be especially aware of how things look from the street. Not just for aesthetics but for practical purposes. Do you leave kids toys out front? That signals you have kids and ‘kidstuff’. Do you have expensive decorative items on the front porch? Do you set empty boxes by the curb when you buy a new tv? Little things do matter.

They matter too in the country.

When I first moved out here to the middle of the boonies (Boonies is a term of endearment for a place in the country.) I bought half-barrels and planted them full of overflowering flowers at the gate. The gate can’t be seen from the house. What was I thinking?

Today the gate is just a gate. There’s nothing extraordinary about it. No reason to draw attention to it. Have you ever been driving along in the country and all of a sudden there’s a place with a fancy gate? That in itself tells you that there’s more beyond. It’s the kind of attention you don’t want.

Our house itself is an earth-shelter sitting into the side of a hill. While you ‘can’ see it from the road (if you know what you’re looking for and are standing in ‘just’ the right spot) the house itself is not obvious.

I’m not hiding out here in the woods. I love the country and all the nature and I don’t have a problem introducing color into the landscape. I would however LOVE a red barn but the red would certainly be visible through the trees so no red barn for me. I do plant flowers, lots of flowers in fact. I love to attract birds and bees and butterflies and what country home wouldn’t be complete without nature and some color?

Nature naturally seems to want to give me yellow and a little purple. In the springtime the roof is covered in yellow black eyed susans,

Underground house roof
Springtime roof on our ‘underground’ earth-shelter house.
as well as “butter and eggs” more commonly known as Missouri Primrose. Why fight with nature? I accessorize Mother Nature’s beauty with complementary colors of yellows and purples.

country flowers
country flowers

The yard is emblazoned with color ONLY you CAN’T SEE IT FROM THE ROAD! Google Earth not withstanding….

Do you take into account what’s visible from the road? Be vigilant about protecting your home and assets. It could be as simple as cutting up your cardboard boxes before putting them into the trash. No one needs to know what you brought into the house.