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Are Tactical Pants for Preppers Needed?

You have your clothes that you wear all the time. For a lot of folks that’s dress clothing for the office. For some it’s more casual, a button up shirt and jeans. And some folks can get by with jeans and a t-shirt. You probably even do your daily chores or yard work in normal everyday attire.

Pants are pants right? Won’t denim do for most times?

Tactical pants on the other hand are just for die-hard outdoorsmen right? Well let’s think about that.

tactical pants
tactical pants

What kind of pants do our military wear? They’re tactical for a reason. A part of that reason is pockets. Tactical pants have multiple pockets. How much can you fit into your jeans? Or sweats or leggings?


Well made tactical pants are made for wear. They’re made of a heavy durable material and made to withstand several factors. They’re usually French seamed (double seamed) all over. This helps keep them from splitting and tearing. They’re made for ease of movement something your sweats and leggings provide but with much more durability. In tactical pants you can run, jump, squat and do a lot of outdoor work without worry.

Ever gone over/through a barb-wire fence? You almost always end up getting caught on a barb. Have to walk through brambles? Tactical pants fabric is made to endure abuse and still stay together.
Tactical pants have more pockets so that you can carry your EDC (every day carry) right on your person. Pockets are deep. Pockets have secure flaps. You’ll have enough room for everything you need with you with easy access.
They have strong belts, belt loops and some have D-rings for keys and special belt loops for firearm holsters. The belt is often nylon which is strong and less likely to become worn.

Some tactical pants have knee and seat padding and some have leather fronts or leather below the knee which are particularly good when cutting wood and when walking in areas where snakes are prone.
Some brands are practically knife proof as well. Some are water resistant.

Denim jeans in a downpour can get ‘stuck’ against your body and make it difficult to move. They also take a long time to dry out. Most tactical britches not only repel water but are quick to wick the moisture away. Some even have waterproof pockets a real boon when you’re out in the weather.

Because the fabric wicks moisture you stay dryer and either cooler or warmer depending upon the weather.

Sadly, most tactical pants are made for men but there are some brands that are made for women. (It’d be nice if there were a nice range of sizes and styles…) A woman ‘can’ wear men’s pants but the fit just isn’t the same.

Hubs was so impressed by the one pair that he tried out that he order several pair. It’s all he wears!