Winter on the Road

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Surely you’ve thought about your preparations for a road emergency, especially in the winter!

Road emergencies in the wintertime are bound to happen. You could have a roadside emergency when there’s snow and ice on the ground. It might be a flat, a leaky radiator, dead battery or you could have slid into a ditch.

winter road
winter road

We can do our best to be prepared for such an emergency.

We drove home once…from a funeral in another state, through miles and miles of an ice storm. We were less than a mile from the house driving at a snail’s pace when one of the kids wiggled in the back seat. That was just enough to give the car momentum on that icy road to do a 180 and slide all the way off the road, across the grassy shoulder and end up right up alongside a barbed wire fence.

No ones fault, just the icy road conditions.

Your car kit should include:

• Work gloves
• Jumper cables
• Fire extinguisher
• Flash light with extra batteries
• Duct Tape
• Multipurpose tool, such as a Leatherman
• Paper towels
• Windshield washer fluid
• Tire pressure gauge
• 3 road flares or reflective warning cones or triangles
• One gallon jug of water
• 2 quarts of motor oil
• Rags
• Small shovel
• Ice scraper
• Kitty litter or sand to use as traction if you are stuck in the snow
• Spare tire (filled), jack and lug wrench

Your Personal Kit should include:
• Walking shoes
• A pair of socks
• Drinking water
• Flashlight with extra batteries
• Non-perishable foods such as granola, snack bars, nuts, etc.
• Blanket
• Warm gloves
• Coat
• Hat
• Boots
• Rain poncho
• First aid kit

Pack a personal kit for other family members, as well. If you’re traveling with children you will want to pack the items they may need if you are stranded for a period of time. Remember items such as:
• Formula
• Baby food
• Snacks
• Water
• Extra clothes
• Diapers
• Blankets
• Warm shoes and boots
• Hats
• Mittens
• Stroller or other carrier
• Games

When preparing your kits, try to imagine if you were stranded and couldn’t get home for hours. Remember, you will be without heat, electricity, or other comforts of home. What would you want in your car if that were the case?

Oklahoma road in winter
Oklahoma road in winter

You might think, well I’m just running to the store and take off without a big coat, or gloves, or an ice scraper…. and you might get home ok but there’s always the possibility of the weather changing. Just do your best to be prepared for a winter car emergency.

Prepare the best you can for these situations so you can return home safe and sound.