Most Used Gardening Tools

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Get the right tool for the job!

You wouldn’t use a spade to plant a daffodil, would you? Owning the right tool for the job saves time and effort. Gardening is easier with the right tools!

Of course, the gardening tools needed will dependent on the type and size of your garden.
A big garden might require shovels, hoes, maybe even a prying bar and wheelbarrow, water hoses, sprayers, rototiller….

If you’ve just a small space allocated you might could get by with just a few small basic tools:

Gardening Hand-Tools for the Small Garden

1. Short-Handled Trowel A good trowel will be your go-to tool for any garden, regardless of its size. Look for one with a pointy tip, which makes it useful for planting seeds, digging out stubborn weeds and loosening planting soil.

2. A Three-Pronged Cultivator This tool features 3 individual rake-like prongs (like something out of the mind of Tim Burton) designed to loosen up dirt soil and create uniform burrows for planting as well as weeding.

3. A Dibbler This tool is designed to make planting bulbs and seedlings easier. (I’ve personally planted several hundred tree seedlings using a dibbler.)

To save time you should look for a higher quality, as well as affordable set of prepackaged hand tools. For example the highly rated Songmics 7 piece Garden Tool Set has six tools, is quite affordable, and would make a great gift for any lady gardener on Mother’s Day.

For Father’s Day you might consider this “Garden Perfect” 3 piece forged steel garden tool set with solid ash handles. It’s a bit pricer but it’s durability should last a lifetime and show Dad how special he is and how you respect his love of gardening.

Whether choosing for yourself or as a gift choose be sure to choose hand-held gardening tools with ergonomic design as they’re easier on your arms with extended use. I also like my tools to have a little weight to them. I like my tools strong and sturdy to last a lifetime. That is… when I don’t lose them in the garden beds…. Somewhere…