Using my Air-Fryer

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I received an air-fryer for Christmas, a NuWave Oven Pro and have been experimenting with cooking different food items in it.

The ‘man’ was hungry and hankering for homemade french fries and loved the thought of a lower calorie version so the first thing I tried in my NuWave was home-made french fries.

I got out my mandolin slicer and proceeded to make a mess out of some potatoes! (Seriously, that thing is sharp and dangerous… sure miss my old Ronco french fry maker – wonder if they still make those….)

Then followed the directions in the included little recipe booklet that came with the NuWave and cooked same. The instructions ‘did’ suggest cooking them in a basket. Since a basket didn’t come with mine I pulled a steamer basket out of the back of the cabinet and used that. Surely won’t be the same but the fries turned out alright (the ones in the best position for air movement turned out best. Some were mushy, some weren’t done, but I truly believe this was due to the improvised basket that I used.)

Still I was duly unimpressed (sorry gift giver)

Next I tried some lightly dredged chicken breasts. Uh…. they stuck to the grill and the coating peeled off but they tasted great!

An Air-fryer is really just a convection oven on a smaller scale. And since you want that air circulating around your food, your food goes on a grill and not in a pan. So…… I tried something else. I chose these thick-cut boneless pork chops, seasoned with salt and pepper and set directly on the grill plate, just like I would if I were grilling outside and….. they came out perfect!

Thick cut pork in a NuWave
Thick cut pork in a NuWave

Cooking was fast and even resulting in a perfect pork chop.

I’m thinking hamburgers next… although I might cover the bottom pan with foil to speed cleanup.