Weed-eating the Roof

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It warmed up around here nicely after the last round of ice storms. This morning there was fog filtering through the trees and the birds were singing and the frogs were croaking.

The sound of frogs is a sure sign of spring. That and the fact that the daffodils are pushing their way out of the ground.

When it warms up it’s hard to stay inside. You just have to find something to do outside! Me? I got outside to do a little yardwork. You see, the hubs bought me a cordless Ryobi weedeater for Christmas. I know, that’s not very romantic, but it’s what I asked for! Since it was warm I decided to actually open it two months later… 🙂

Very easy to put together. Quick and easy in fact. Now, I already owned a couple other Ryobi cordless tools so I used an already charged battery so I could get outside right away and put the new battery in the charger.

So what to tackle first?

You probably know that we live in an earth-shelter house.

EarthShelter House Spring
EarthShelter House Spring
That’s kind of like a walk out basement covered in dirt. Or a not –so-curvy hobbit house. In other words it’s a big cement rectangle with dirt on all three sides and the top with the front exposed. AND, for years we’ve let the roof just grow wild. Now it’s really pretty first thing in the spring, in fact most years it gets covered in Black-eyed-Susans by Mother Nature. I didn’t plant those! She did!
Underground house roof
Springtime roof on our ‘underground’ earth-shelter house.

BUT given time, and when the flowers aren’t blooming the roof can kind of look like a pasture with no cows. Kind of wild and overgrown.

roof raw
roof raw

The plan? Weedeat the whole top and sides of the house BEFORE the wildflowers come up. So, I headed up there with my weedeater and went to town. I weed-eated for an hour or more….. before I gave out. LONG before the weedeater did. YES, I gave out before the Ryobi did!

roof front
roof front

Shown, part of the roof I finished looking towards the front of the house, with a few stragglers here and there. Hey! Some of those weeds (ahem natural growth) were waist high! So, I’m only maybe a quarter done (if that) and hope there are some more warm days soon so that finish the roof and the sides before tackling the next project. (The overgrown garden area.)

Why a battery operated weedeater? And why a Ryobi?
Well, I already owned a couple of Ryobi cordless and the batteries were interchangeable. That’s a plus. We already had a couple gas powered weed-eaters that I can never start, plus that means stopping what you’re doing and running to the gas station for fuel. The running out for gas wasn’t as much a deterrent as the fact that I can NEVER GET THE DAMN THINGS STARTED.

There are electric models…. but that would mean dragging a hundred feet or more of extension cord around. Who wants to do that (then you have to re-roll the thing back up…)?

I am pleased as Punch with my battery operated Ryobi weed-eater. I chose one of the bigger models and was able to work an hour (or more) without any trouble, outlasting the battery AND using it in rough wild growth.

Anyone looking for an easy way to chop down a few weeds without gas or cords… or even someone tackling a big job like mine will be glad in the durability of this machine. I will never be without one ever again!

(Disclaimer) Old growth weedy wildflowers such as mature Snow on the Mountain did sometimes require me to just pull them up instead of weed-eating them, but those woody stems were better than a quarter inch. Everything else, including Love Grass came down swiftly.

RYOBI did not pay me in any way to write this post, nor did Home Depot where this tool was purchased.