Experimenting with my Diffuser

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A while back I owned and operated a toiletries line of handmade lotions, salves and the like. As a result of all those years creating and formulating different products I ultimately learned a lot about not only essential oils, but herbs, and natural ingredients as well. I also used those same essential oils in the house for different things such as lavender to calm and sooth (My favorite lavender is Bulgarian.) And at the time I used a fancy air diffuser that was not only pricey it was hard to clean AND those little glass parts would become caked in oil residue and extremely hard to dissolve off.

As of late, I’ve noticed more and more people knowing about and using essential oils and many of them use a diffuser. I decided it was time to shelf my old out-dated diffuser and find a new one. Since I had a background dealing with oils I knew which diffusers I did NOT want and it took awhile to find one that would meet all (or most) of my qualifications (and still be affordable).

I ended up getting this electric ultrasonic diffuser as it releases the oil molecules into the air via movement (aka ultrasonic) and not heat. It also had an auto shutoff which was certainly on my must have list. And as an added bonus, it’s easy to clean!

While I was at it I also ordered this little combo pack of essential oils to use in it (because you know it’s not like I don’t have any – lol)

And was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the oils. Now, I personally wouldn’t use these for medicinal purposes as I’d rather stick with my known and trusted sources but for scent they’re fine.

Yes, I still have quite a bit of essential oils from my old business (they get better with age you know…) and I also have some other items, like big bottles of different extracts.

Today, I was eyeing a bottle of pomegranate extract wondering when and if I’d ever made a dessert that called for pomegranate extract… when I thought… hey I bet these extracts would work in my diffuser. Now, my extracts are pure without added chemicals. I sure wouldn’t want to diffuse chemicals into the air but this… this just might work.

I used a capful of the extract to the normal amount of water and let me tell you, my office smells divine!