Upcycled Greenhouses

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old window
old window

I opened up a country magazine recently and inside the front cover was a double page ad for a greenhouse. A beautiful greenhouse. A dream greenhouse. The kind you might see in a movie set in an English garden and where you might call it something fancy, like a conservatory.

My mind started to wander….envisioning that beauty in my backyard. I thought of all the unique oddities I could grow, the lush greens, the vivid colors of flowering plants, melons all year, tomatoes hungry for the picking and then curiosity got the better of me. I looked up that particular greenhouse from that particular company and about fell out of my chair! Goodness. What other things one could do with that kind of money!?! It was pretty but goodness!
My dreams were dashed my spirit wasn’t crushed. I like to repurpose things and even more I like to save money.

Seems I can make my own greenhouse out of salvaged materials at a much lower cost. Since I’ve been looking, I’ve found greenhouses made out of old windows. (Old windows can frequently be found at garage sales, often a buck a piece and sometimes free.) I’ve seen greenhouses made from old shower doors, old storm doors and even old plexi from solar panels.

Do you have a Re-store in your neck of the woods? Many times there are shower doors (and windows) there for a very reasonable price. Make it a regular stop and it won’t be long before you’ll have enough material to make your own ‘unusual’ ‘one of a kind’ greenhouse to help prolong your harvest season.

Me, I’m on the hunt for more windows…